Watch the Smart Money

If you want to know what’s going on,  don’t read the newspapers. Don’t watch TV. Don’t listen to talk radio, NPR, or podcasts. Don’t read comments, blogs, tweets, posts, or watch YouTube videos. Watch the smart money.

Smart money is a living entity that resides in critical business industries (the insurance industry, the oil industry, some banking and finance) that underpin the global economy. It exists in major dynasties (think Rothschild). Smart money is money that thinks over generations.

These guys tend to know what is and will be going on in the world and react accordingly by rearranging their assets and funds accordingly to avoid taking losses and to maximize the profits from the situation. So they pay very, very close attention to major trends and events including, but not limited to, climate change.

So here’s what the insurers are talking about at their conferences right now.

“Davidson said recent data that has been collected but has yet to be made official indicates sea levels could rise by roughly 3 meters (10 feet) by 2050-2060, far higher and quicker than current projections. Until now most projections have warned of seal level rise of up to 4 feet by 2100.”


If you were born after 1982, you are going to see the end of the world as we know it.



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